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    4 Babies A Second s2

    Premieres Fri, 5th August at 9 pm UAE

    Follow the inspiring journeys of parents, and the amazing staff who look after them, as they endure pain and overcome complications to enjoy their baby’s precious first moments.

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    Machine Impossible

    Premieres Thu, 18th Aug at 9 pm UAE

    Tech buff and aeronautics guru Mischa Pollack joins forces with designer, engineer and entrepreneur Max McMurdo on a journey to discover the world’s most ingenious, advanced and unbelievable machines. They also take on a challenge to create a machine of their own, a futuristic gadget, to change the world.

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    Premieres Mon, 22nd Aug at 9 pm UAE

    Mygrations follows a team of 20 men and women in a feat that has never been attempted, as they set out on foot, unarmed and without a map or compass, to follow in the footsteps of the wildebeests. The human herd must cross hundreds of miles of scorched savannah — where water, food and shelter are hard to find but lethal predators roam unchecked — to reach the Mara River, the pinnacle of the wildebeests’ death-defying quest for life.

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    Science of Stupid S3

    Every Wed at 9 pm UAE

    We love to watch other people make a mess of things- preferably in spectacular fashion. Science of Stupid reveals through science experts exactly how & why adventure turned to misadventure

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Saturday, August 27, 2016 UAE timing

  • Mission Pluto 4:50am
  • Shark Men 5:45am
  • Wicked Tuna 6:40am
  • Mygrations 7:35am
  • Wild Congo 8:30am
  • Dog Whisperer 9:25am