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    Nat Geo Originals: Atlantis Rising

    Premieres Sun, 5th Mar at 9:50pm UAE

    "Atlantis Rising" is a detective thriller that seeks out, uncovers and explores artifacts such as archaeological finds, satellite photographs, manuscripts hiding in plain sight, underwater exploration, etc.

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    Women Who Inspire

    Premieres Wed, 8th Mar at 9pm UAE

    In honor of International Women’s Day, March 8, and in a world where gender equality is still elusive, we tell you stories of hope, bravery, hardship and survival.

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    Science of Stupid s4

    Premieres Thu, 16th Mar at 8pm UAE

    On the Science of Stupid, some self-selected, amateur scientists go head to head for the crowned title of most ill-informed as they test scientific principles like torque, gravity and Newton’s law. As our amateur scientists have learned the hard way: try and break the laws of science and the laws will break you.

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    Uncensored with Michael Ware

    Premieres Fri, 31st Mar at 9:50pm UAE

    Join the indomitable Michael Ware on a raw journey of discovery. Ware has covered everything from Charlie Sheen to Operation Iraqi Freedom and now comes to National Geographic to tell new stories like never before.


Thursday March 30 , 2017 UAE Timing
Gorilla Murders 12:20am
Right Footed 1:10am
Years of Living Dangerously 2:00am
Top Ten Natural Disasters 3:00am
Right Footed 4:50am
Ancient X-Files 5:45am
Yukon Gold 6:40am
Science of Stupid 7:35am
Science of Stupid 8:00am
Ultimate Airport Dubai 8:30am
Mega Factories: Supercars 9:25am
Ancient X-Files 10:20am
Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler 11:15am
Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler 12:10pm
Locked Up Abroad 1:05pm
Mega Factories: Supercars 2:00pm
Ultimate Airport Dubai 3:00pm
Science of Stupid 4:00pm
Science of Stupid 4:30pm
Hitler's Supergun 5:00pm
Nazi Sunken Sub 6:00pm
Locked Up Abroad 7:00pm
Science of Stupid 8:00pm
Science of Stupid 8:30pm
Hitler's Supergun 9:00pm
Nazi Sunken Sub 9:50pm
Locked Up Abroad 10:40pm
Science of Stupid 11:30pm
Science of Stupid 11:55pm