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    Extreme Football Russia

    Premieres Wed 13th Jun at 9:50pm UAE

    Russia is the largest country on earth, with one of the most diverse populations on the planet. This film crosses the vast and varied country to show Russia as you've never seen it before - through the prism of football.

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    Dictator’s Rulebook

    Premieres Sun, 24th Jun at 9:50pm UAE

    From Mussolini to Saddam Hussein, Dictators have shaped the world we live in. But how did they do it? What methods did they use to seize and maintain power? How did they overcome the forces that resisted them? What ultimately caused their downfall and brought about the end of their regimes?

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    Airport Security: Peru

    Every Fri at 9:50pm UAE

    Watch the firsthand action through exclusive access to some of the most restricted areas of Jorge Chavez International Airport, Lima – Peru, where the biggest security challenge is cocaine trafficking.


Saturday June 16 , 2018 UAE Timing
World's Toughest Fixes 12:20am
Inside North Korea 1:10am
Airport Security: Peru 2:00am
WW2 Hell Under The Sea 3:00am
Nazi Underworld 4:00am
Desperate Hours 5:00am
Desperate Hours 5:30am
Air Crash Investigation 6:00am
Genius 7:00am
Inside Cocaine Wars 8:00am
Cesar's Recruit: Asia 9:00am
Do or Die 9:30am
Cesar to the Rescue 10:00am
Eat: The Story of Food 11:00am
Yukon Gold 12:00pm
Wicked Tuna 1:00pm
Kenny And Zoltan's Venom Quest 2:00pm
Marco Polo: The China Mystery Revealed 3:00pm
Marco Polo: The China Mystery Revealed 3:30pm
Airport Security: Peru 4:00pm
Air Crash Investigation 5:00pm
Mega Factories: Vestel 6:00pm
Extreme Football Russia 7:00pm
The Putin Interviews 7:55pm
Air Crash Investigation 9:00pm
Mega Factories: Vestel 9:50pm
Extreme Football Russia 10:40pm
Mine Kings 11:30pm